Beautiful and Breathtaking Ports

World-Class Destinations made effortless

SeaDream offers luxury cruises of a lifetime to some of the most beautiful and breathtaking ports in the Caribbean and Mediterranean. From November through April, our luxury yachts sail the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, calling on ports with some of the best beaches in the British Virgin Islands, Grenadines, French West Indies and other dream destinations such as St. Barts and Jost Van Dyke; a true guest favorite. If you wish to explore the rich history of the Mediterranean, set sail on a voyage between May and October as SeaDream I and II explore Spain, France, Italy, Greece and other notable historical and picturesque destinations. Providing the chance to relax on board and enjoy the many inclusive amenities, you may even cross the Atlantic with our award-winning crew from one region to the next on our Transatlantic itineraries.

Luxury Caribbean Cruise

SeaDream’s Caribbean is Waiting for You.

The US & British Virgin Islands have worked hard since September, preparing for their peak tourism months. St. Barths, known for terrific shopping; is also “open for business”. SeaDream is ready to take you to the most pristine beaches, experience the most beautiful sunsets and be greeted by the warm, welcoming people of the Caribbean.

Sail Away to the Caribbean

When you book SeaDream for your next Luxury Caribbean cruise, you’ll never look at this region the same way again. Discerning guests choose SeaDream for their vacation because of their love for the yachting and a casual yet luxurious lifestyle. With an award-winning crew and amenities to keep you relaxed and pampered, you’ll never find a more rewarding voyage on the seas. If you are after that sort of remarkably different yachting experience, you have come to the right place. Welcome Aboard.

Caribbean Highlights

Caribbean Destinations

Jost Van Dyke
Virgin Gorda
St. Barths

SeaDream sails to some of the most wonderful and memorable Caribbean ports. With a small ship size, we are able to access some of the more intimate, less-traveled ports. Jost Van Dyke, for example, in the British Virgin Islands serves as frequent home to our Signature Champagne & Caviar Splash™ beach party, planned on most SeaDream Caribbean voyages. With a SeaDream itinerary, you will travel to a number of beautiful ports, exploring the best that the Caribbean has to offer. Whether it’s the gorgeous South Friar’s Bay, an intimate port in St. Kitts, or the equally popular Low Bay, Barbuda you’ll be able to enjoy every stop along your luxury Caribbean voyage.

Discover Dream Destinations:

North Sound, British Virgin Islands

Yachting Land Adventures | Voyages Making anchor at North Sound Virgin Gorda, guests yachting through the British Virgin Islands (B.V.I.) will not want to miss the opportunity to explore this port. This island is known most for its local attraction know as “The Baths.” Consisting of a beautiful formation of boulders, The Baths are a major attractive within the B.V.I. and provide an idyllic spot to relax through the afternoon. Meanwhile, those who want to explore more of the local history can always pay a visit to the famous Copper Mines.

Gustavia, St. Barths

Yachting Land Adventures | Voyages One of the most popular ports and a frequent overnight stop during our Caribbean voyages, Gustavia, St. Barths is a beautiful port with plenty of activities to enjoy. Some choose to use this port as a shopping hub, taking advantage of the wonderful opportunities and many local shops around. Others prefer to lounge on the beach. Either way, it is definitely recommended to check out one of the many delectable restaurants while ashore.

Bridgetown, Barbados

Yachting Land Adventures | Voyages The largest city and capital of Barbados, Bridgetown is often used as the initial departure and final arrival port for SeaDream luxury Caribbean cruises. This city is gleaming with landmarks, so make sure you have your camera ready to get those shots. It houses the Barbados Museum, Sagicor Plaza, and the Frank Collymore Hall of the Performing Arts. If architecture or history are more your interest, it also is home to many prominent religious buildings, including: the Nidhe Israel Synagogue, St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cathedral, St. Mary’s Anglican Church, and more.

Cruz Bay, St. John, US Virgin Islands

Yachting Land Adventures | Voyages Sitting on the west coast of St. John, Cruz Bay is another spot you might enjoy along your luxury Caribbean cruise. This small town offers a welcome respite for those who wish to relax on the beach and provides a hosts of bars, shops, and restaurants to indulge your other fancies. If you’re in a gambling mood, you might enjoy some time at the casino as well.

Make This A Voyage to Remember

SeaDream offers exciting options that are sure to make your experience a memorable one. For Caribbean guests, the Signature Champagne & Caviar SplashTM party is the perfect addition to your vacation. The champagne starts to flow at the sound of the ship’s horn and caviar is served to celebrate the yachting life. To top that, the party continues with a gourmet beach barbecue, all served on bone china to preserve the perfect flavor. This is just one of the many reasons you’ll enjoy your voyage. Guests may sign up and reserve a Yachting Land Adventure, excursions offered at select destinations which are coordinated by the SeaDream team. Depending on where we make port, you can explore many of the local sights, enjoy a helicopter ride, experience the local culture, and more. Those with a sense of adventure might also wish to take advantage of the Watersports Marina. There you can take out kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, snorkeling gear, or even rent a mountain bike at shore to explore the destination on your own.

An Unforgettable Luxury Voyage

Recognized time and time again, SeaDream offers award-winning service to ensure your Caribbean voyage is unforgettable. We’re able to accomplish this thanks to our crew, which consists of 95 of the most dedicated professionals. Since each yacht sails with a maximum of just 112 guests, we offer close to a 1:1 crew to guest ratio, allowing us to focus on your individual needs. By tailoring the voyage to your liking, we can provide for your every desire at sea, delivering unmatched service. Establishing this intimate and personal setting, you’ll feel like you’re on your own private yacht. Our award-winning service has been acknowledged by some of the most prestigious organizations around the world, including most recently Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Ships, which recognized us as “#1 and #2 in Best Boutique Ship.” They also honored us by including us in the list of Top 5 Best for Food Category. While this is our most recent recognition, it is far from the only one we have received. With a full array of awards stretching back to our first year of operations, we have also received prestigious recognitions like ForbesLife’s “Best Small Luxury Cruise Ship of 2015”and Travel Channel’s “Best Caribbean Cruise for 2015.” To experience a luxury Caribbean cruise for yourself, please contact your travel professional or view voyages now.

Let Us Handle the Details

With itineraries & an experience designed for those who want a casual yet elegant yachting experience, our crew is trained to anticipate your needs. Both SeaDream I and SeaDream II are designed to include the best amenities at sea. For many Club Members, their yachting holiday starts with a visit to the only Thai-Certified Spa at Sea. Offering a relaxing and pampered atmosphere, you will leave feeling refreshed and excited for what lies ahead. Since we value that intimate feel, our crew is there to serve, which is why you can choose whether to enjoy a more social voyage or a private experience. Perhaps you’ll choose to attend events while on board, such as a watching a film on a Starlit Movie™ evening, or a visit to the Top of the Yacht Bar to enjoy your favorite drink. Or, maybe you prefer to stay in your well-appointed stateroom and enjoy a quiet night reading a book or enjoy a film. For many Club Members, it’s the gastronomical 5-star dining experience that keeps them coming back. Our chefs prepare meals a la minute with the freshest ingredients. This ensures superior quality and flavor, providing you the perfect meal for the moment. More importantly, we can accommodate your unique culinary preferences. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten sensitive, Living & Raw Food, or anything in between -just let the staff know what you need, and they’ll take care of it. For those embarking on a luxury Caribbean cruise, you’ll get to experience our Signature Champagne & Caviar Splash™ beach and barbecue party.

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With an award-winning crew, 5-star Dream Cuisine, and selection of onboard amenities to keep you pleased, SeaDream Club Members know to expect the ultimate in comfort and personal luxury. Whether you participate in a host of Yachting Land Adventures, spend time at the Piano Bar, take advantage of the Golf Simulator, or enjoy a mixture of everything, you’ll never forget the personalized attention you get as a guest aboard your SeaDream yacht. After joining us for your first luxury Caribbean cruise, you’ll want to plan your next voyage right away. When you are ready to get started on this remarkably different yachting experience, contact your travel professional or view voyages now.

Luxury Mediterranean Cruise

The Private Yacht Experience

Personalized and intimate, our luxury Mediterranean Cruises offer a remarkably different yachting experience. Sailing through some of the most famous ports in the French and Italian Riviera, Greek Isles, the Spanish Mediterranean coast, and to many less crowded yet beautiful ports in the region, our club members trust us to deliver an unforgettable experience. When you wish to explore the Mediterranean, you’ll find you’re at home as a guest aboard one of our yachts. So, when you plan your next vacation, get ready to take a voyage you’ll never forget.

Mediterranean Highlights

Mediterranean Destinations

Corinth Canal
While these are some of SeaDream’s most popular destinations, they are far from the only voyages available to our Club Members. Instead, we strive to offer our guests a wide selection of ports to dock at. Many of our itineraries take you through Corinth Canal, Greece where you can take pictures of this breathtaking passage. Other times, your yacht might make port in the Mykonos Islands of Greece, offering an opportunity to explore its picturesque beaches. Our Club Members often observe that it’s the journey, not the destination, that defines a luxury Mediterranean cruise. This is why each voyage stops at various ports and travels through some of the most iconic waterways of the region. If you yacht through Italy for instance, you might spend a day in Portofino. You might also have an interest in the world-renowned art of Capri and enjoy setting down anchor at that port.

Discover Dream Destinations:

Venice, Italy

Yachting Land Adventures | Voyages Located in Northeastern Italy, Venice is one of the most well-traveled destinations in all of Italy. It is known for its romantic gondola rides, Venetian Gothic architecture, art, and delectable cuisine. Of course, even those who have traveled there before are likely to notice a different experience when they go as a guest aboard a SeaDream Yacht. Offering a variety of voyages to choose from, Venice is featured as both a starting point and final destination for many itineraries. You might start and end your journey from this port, exploring some of the local attractions while there. Or, you might find that it is just the beginning as you yacht to other great destinations, such as Athens, Greece.

Athens, Greece

Yachting Land Adventures | Voyages Another destination well-known for its historical significance, Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece. In ancient times, it was known as a bastion of culture and art, which has made it a popular tourist destination today. From the ancient architecture to the modern art, this city is one that everyone should experience at least once. When you choose SeaDream for your luxury Mediterranean cruise, you will arrive or depart from the Port of Piraeus, which is home to some of the most well-known attractions in the city. This includes: the four Bronze Statues, The Veakeio Theater, and several museums, such as the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus. When you look to view voyages, you will find Athens is one of our most popular destinations.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Yachting Land Adventures | Voyages Best known for its Casino, Monte Carlo is one of the first destinations that come to mind when thinking of Monaco. Host to a variety of global events, this grand destination includes a leading tourist resort, the Napoleon Museum, and the Prince’s Palace, among other historically significant sights. You will find that many SeaDream voyages take you through Monte Carlo. Whether it’s the final destination or an overnight stop, we look to highlight the best that this picturesque city has to offer. When you arrive, be prepared to enjoy one of our Land Adventures or just spend your time appreciating the local attractions.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Yachting Land Adventures | Voyages Another staple destination for luxury Mediterranean cruises, Dubrovnik, Croatia has a rich cultural heritage that brings visitors from around the world. In fact, George Bernard Shaw is quoted saying “If you want to see heaven on earth, come to Dubrovnik.” SeaDream Club Members often enjoy exploring Dubrovnik more closely by participating in some of our signature Land Adventures. With a plethora of these Adventures to choose from, you’ll find that our yachts often stay overnight to allow plenty of time to enjoy the amenities. If you prefer to explore at your own pace, you will find there is no shortage of activities here.

Saint-Tropez, France

Yachting Land Adventures | Voyages Another popular stop along your SeaDream voyage, Saint-Tropez is located in Southeastern France. It is known within the art community for its significant contributions to modern art and offers great respite for those who want some time on land. With picturesque beaches, many take the time to lay out and tan while others like to partake in sailing, windsurfing, or utilize motorized water vehicles.

Santorini, Greece

Yachting Land Adventures | Voyages A picturesque island southeast of Greece, Santorini is a well-frequented stop while aboard SeaDream yachts. Recognized for its archaeological significance, Club Members can enjoy exploring the island and partake in some of the world-famous cuisine. At day’s end, you can be back onboard the yacht to relax under the stars.

Indulge in SeaDream Wine Voyages

In addition to our standard yachting itineraries, SeaDream’s unique Wine Voyage programs allow Club Members to enjoy additional signature adventures on a luxury Mediterranean wine cruise. A staple for many Mediterranean travelers, these wine voyages provide an opportunity for guests to try a great variety of different wines from around the world. Beyond these onboard features, our guests can enjoy Yachting Land Adventures to world-famous wineries, including: Chateau de Cremat, The Corsican Vineyard of Clos Canarelli, Bartulovic, and many more.

On our wine tasting cruises, SeaDream also offers a variety of other Yachting Land Adventures for you to experience. These fulfilling activities allow you to explore local points of interest when you make port. While the wine and champagne excursions are always popular, many Club Members with a taste for adventure want something more. In those instances, you might consider sailing or snorkeling, a walk through the local nature, or a luxury ride to visit historically significant sights. Whatever your speed, you will find something that piques your interest when you book now.

Award-Winning Luxury Experience

When you board one of our award-winning SeaDream yachts, you will immediately recognize the quality difference. In fact, Forbes named SeaDream the Best Luxury Cruise Ship in 2015, and in 2017 Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Ships again recognized us as the best boutique ships and top cruise line for food. To reserve your spot on one of these award-winning voyages, browse our selection and book now. Designed to provide a memorable experience, your luxury Mediterranean cruise delivers everything you could imagine and more. This begins with our intimate crew-to-guest ratio of 95 to 112, ensuring that everyone on board gets the attention he or she deserves. Our special setting is further enhanced by the size of our yachts, which grants us access to less-traveled waters. Small enough to fit in the most selective ports and private coves, we offer a unique getaway opportunity.

Attention to Detail

Every aspect of your voyage is carefully planned and with many great amenities, you will find there is never a dull moment. Striving to provide a casually elegant yachting experience, we allow our guests to decide whether they prefer a more personalized getaway or a social yachting experience. With a plethora of inclusive options to choose from and a selection of suites that provides for even our most selective guest, we ensure your comfort comes first. As you yacht through the open waters, you have access to the only Thai-certified spa at sea, allowing for the best in comfort and relaxation. You might also enjoy some fresh air thanks to our open deck plan where you can spend time under the sun. When night rolls around, you can take advantage of an open bar, including our Top of the Yacht Bar. Regardless of what you choose, you can always end the day in comfort sleeping under the stars in one of our Signature Balinese Dream Beds. Of course, one of the deciding factors for many of our Club Members is the cuisine that is served on our yachts. Our chefs deliver a gastronomical 5-star dining experience, with each meal prepared a la minute for the best quality and flavor. Need a vegetarian or vegan meal? We are ready to accommodate whatever culinary preferences you might have. Beyond this selection of Dream Cuisine, you might also want to book one of our Wine Voyages to sample exciting beverages from around the world. This is a popular option among many Club Members.

Book Your Luxury Mediterranean Cruise Today

From the award-winning service to the 5-star Dream Cuisine, our Club Members have come to recognize SeaDream as synonymous with luxury. Whether you spend the entire time relaxing onboard or partake in some of the yachting Land Adventures, you can fulfill your every travel desire. So, join us as a guest on our next voyage and see why we continue to garner awards and recognition from around the world. Once you take a luxury Mediterranean cruise with SeaDream Yacht Club, you won’t want to travel any other way. If you are ready to undertake this remarkably different voyage, make sure to book now.

Luxury Transatlantic Cruise

Cross the Atlantic in Casual Luxury

Those who desire a remarkably different yachting experience will find that a transatlantic cruise with SeaDream is what they need. Designed to offer an extended voyage on the open ocean, Club Members appreciate these transoceanic adventures for the much-needed time to relax on-board. With a full array of inclusive amenities at your disposal and plenty of community activities for those looking to socialize, you won’t find another yacht on the sea that offers the same level of luxury.

Transatlantic Highlights

Sail Across the Open Ocean

SeaDream Club Members appreciate the yachting lifestyle, which is why we are proud to provide every guest with the individual attention he or she deserves. Whether you are interested in socializing with your fellow yacht-mates as you travel or prefer a more private voyage, our crew is ready to oblige. And, with 95 crewmembers on board for our 112 guests, we ensure that personal attention to make it happen. SeaDream strives to provide a casual yet elegant yachting experience, which is why we take great pride in our award-winning crew and service. In fact, we have been recognized many times over for our outstanding service and luxury guest experience. One of our most recent points of prides, Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Ships named SeaDream I and SeaDream II the #1 and #2 Top Boutique Ship for 2017. This comes in addition to many previous recognitions, including being named “Best Small Luxury Cruise Ship in 2015” by ForbesLife. With a mega-yacht small enough to call on some of the most intimate and private coves, you get to experience a voyage like never before. This is why we are proud to proclaim “It’s Yachting, Not Cruising.” To experience this for yourself and share these memories with your loved ones, view Transatlantic voyages to begin your retreat.

The “Little Things” are a Big Deal to Us

Lounge on Deck
Relaxing at Sea
Fine Dining Cuisine

The perfect getaway for the modern sea-lover, a SeaDream transatlantic cruise is designed to provide guests with all the luxury amenities they could desire while sailing across the Atlantic. Itineraries are designed so that each journey averages nearly two weeks long, allowing you plenty of time to enjoy all of the many luxuries that await you on-board. Offering a plethora of inclusive options, you might even wish you had more time.

One of the first features you will enjoy is the gastronomical 5-star dining experience, with our chefs providing meals a la minute for the best quality and flavor. Ready to prepare these meals to any of your dietary needs, you’ll find mealtime always offers a new way to indulge. Our on-board sommelier will even suggest pairing for your meal, allowing you to enjoy just the right wine with every dish. After you finish your meal, you might take advantage of the included bar service, with bartenders offering select premium drinks for your enjoyment. Beyond the Dream Cuisine and accompanying spirits, you’ll find there is never a shortage of activities on-board. Each stateroom includes a television and sound system, allowing you to relax in the privacy of your room to whatever pleases you. The library includes over 1,200 books, which means there is always something new to check out as you continue on that transatlantic cruise. And, since you’ll be out at sea, you’ll want to spend at least one night on a Balinese Dream Beds to enjoy your time beneath the stars. Of course, just because you spend most of the voyage at sea does not mean you miss out on the wonderful ports.

Discover Dream Destinations:

Charlotte Amalie, Saint Thomas

A historical destination and the largest city in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Charlotte Amalie, Saint Thomas is a wonderful place to visit. Whether you start or end your transatlantic cruise here, make sure to explore the picturesque beaches and check out the local shopping options. If you enjoy golf, you’ll also want to check out the beautiful course that is available for play.

Marigot, Saint Martin

A beautiful destination with a strong French influence, Marigot, Saint Martin is a wonderful destination whether you start or end your journey in the Caribbean. It offers luxurious shopping opportunities, and beautiful small cafes to enjoy. It also offers a variety of yachting land adventures, including an exciting zip line tour.

Bridgetown, Barbados

Often serving as the hub for SeaDream Caribbean voyages, visitors to this capital city of Barbados find there is no shortage of luxuries to enjoy. While in the city, there are plenty of areas to explore, including: The Cathedral Plaza, The Cheapside Gardens, Sagicor Plaza, The Barbados Museum, and plenty of shops and boutiques.

Funchal, Portugal

Seated in the Madeira Region of Portugal, Funchal offers plenty of activities for guests to enjoy. Often serving as a stop along your transatlantic cruise, many choose to enjoy a Yachting Land Adventure excursion on the local Cable Ca. You can travel through the city and enjoy visiting some of the most notable landmarks around, including: The Blandy Wine Lodge, and Our Lady of Monte Church.

Lisbon, Portugal

The capital of Portugal, Lisbon is a historical and culturally-rich center in Europe that offers guests plenty of exploration opportunities. Whether you start or end your voyage here, many choose to explore Lisbon on their own to better experience what the city has to offer. Of course, SeaDream offers Yachting Land Adventure as Snapshots of Lisbon. This provides a guided tour of some of the most memorable areas and allows you to get an exceptional lay of the land.

Malaga, Spain

Spain is full of artistic cities, but Malaga is definitely one destination that you don’t want to miss. Often serving as a port along the beginning or end of your transatlantic cruise, you’ll find there is plenty to do ashore, including multiple Yachting Land Adventures. Those with a taste for history will want to embark on the Alhambra tour, giving them a historic insight into the area. Alternatively, the Old City Tour offers a look at some of the beautiful landscapes and provides you the opportunity to indulge in some local tapas.

A Variety of Yachting Entertainment

Though these destinations are certainly a highlight of your voyage, most guests choose to travel on a transatlantic voyage because they are looking for fun and relaxation on the open sea. While on a SeaDream yacht cruise, you will find that there is an abundance of luxury and entertainment opportunities. The popular Golf Simulator is one such option, providing a great way to hit the green for both experienced golfers and newcomers alike. If an active lifestyle is what you are after, the on-board fitness center includes a host of workout equipment, allowing you to stay active and fit. After a good workout, you might pay a visit to the only Thai-Certified Spa at sea, which offers a relaxing and pampered environment to keep you at ease. Next door, we even include an on-board beauty salon, which will help you look your best. At the end of the day, you can retire to your stateroom for the night in or go above-deck and enjoy a movie under the stars with the rest of your yacht-mates. For a full listing itineraries for our transatlantic cruises, you can view voyages now.

Enjoy Activities On The Open Ocean

While the Dream Cuisine, open bar, and in-suite entertainment are all reasons our Club Members return, they are just a taste of what you can experience on the open ocean. One unique experience available on these itineraries is the chance to swim in the Atlantic. Weather-permitting, the Captain may stop during the voyage to allow guests to use the Watersports Marina and enjoy a brisk swim in the Atlantic.

Book Your Luxury Transatlantic Cruise Today

With nearly two weeks at sea to enjoy the Thai-Certified Spa, 5-Star Dream Cuisine, and a host of other on-board amenities, discerning guests trust SeaDream to deliver a memorable voyage every time. Our itineraries make it easy to enjoy those lazy days at sea, giving you the opportunity to unwind and pamper yourself life never before. When you voyage on a SeaDream transatlantic cruise, you embrace a luxury vacation that you’ll remember for a lifetime. If you are looking to enjoy a remarkably different vacation, contact your travel professional or view voyages today to book yours. The perfect getaway adventure is just a click away.

Wine Voyages

Enhance your Yachting Experience with a Wine Cruise

Every single wine cruise on SeaDream is a unique and personalized culinary experience, especially with our carefully crafted itineraries that immerse guests into the world of wine. With the expertise of our Wine Director Martin Arentz, a SeaDream Wine Voyage is the perfect opportunity to enhance your food & wine pairings knowledge. While cruising to the most beautiful ports in the Mediterranean and visiting world-renowned wineries, you’ll be able to come back home to friends and family with a whole new appreciation and love for wine.

What’s Included

On all SeaDream voyages, bar drinks and selected wine are complimentary. Wine packages by-the-glass during Winemaker’s dinner and Wine Land Adventures are offered for an additional cost. During a wine cruise, a representative from the visiting winery will be present, to host the scheduled wine tastings and the winemaker’s dinner. At minimum, SeaDream Wine Voyages feature:

  • – 2 complimentary wine tastings per voyage –
  • – 1 Winemakers Dinner / food and wine pairing dinner per voyage –
  • – 2 Wine related Yachting Land Adventures* per voyage in addition to our regular selection –

*Yachting Land Adventures are optional at an additional cost charged to your onboard account

Sail Across the Open Ocean

SeaDream Club Members appreciate the yachting lifestyle, which is why we are proud to provide every guest with the individual attention he or she deserves. Whether you are interested in socializing with your fellow yacht-mates as you travel or prefer a more private voyage, our crew is ready to oblige. And, with 95 crewmembers on board for our 112 guests, we ensure that personal attention to make it happen. SeaDream strives to provide a casual yet elegant yachting experience, which is why we take great pride in our award-winning crew and service. In fact, we have been recognized many times over for our outstanding service and luxury guest experience. One of our most recent points of prides, Berlitz Cruising and Cruise Ships named SeaDream I and SeaDream II the #1 and #2 Top Boutique Ship for 2017. This comes in addition to many previous recognitions, including being named “Best Small Luxury Cruise Ship in 2015” by ForbesLife. With a mega-yacht small enough to call on some of the most intimate and private coves, you get to experience a voyage like never before. This is why we are proud to proclaim “It’s Yachting, Not Cruising.” To experience this for yourself and share these memories with your loved ones, view Transatlantic voyages to begin your retreat.

Wineries & Vineyards

Immerse yourself in wonderful flavors while visiting famous wineries as well as several less familiar, but equally notable vineyards. With a SeaDream wine tasting cruise, you can expand or even begin your knowledge through the intricate world of wine. Days are filled with wine tastings and guided tours to the origins of some of the finest wine in the world. Learn and experience the history of the vintage wineries and taste a selected range of their portfolio. Visiting these historic destinations makes it a great experience for non-wine drinkers as well!

Winemaker’s Dinner

Exclusive wine tastings are followed by the Winemaker’s Dinner, where our Executive Chef’s degustation menu is complimented with top cuvees from our visiting Winemaker. A different selection of wines will be offered for the Winemaker’s Dinner. An evening unique to our Wine Voyages is all about an unforgettable culinary experience that is incomparable to other wine tasting cruises. Taste only the best and most unforgettable reds, whites and champagne.

Wine Land Adventures

Specially designed Yachting Land Adventures to compliment the entire wine cruise experience are offered exclusively on SeaDream’s Wine Voyages. These unique land adventures are exciting, additional excursions to fill your days with unforgettable experiences such as hunting for truffles and strolling around local markets on SeaDream’s Signature Chef Walk. Book a Yachting Land Adventure on board and be sure to sign up early to reserve space. Imagine yourself at the foot of Mount Vesuvius at the Sorrentino Winery or strolling through Cartagena for a culinary and tasting experience–the choice is always yours on a SeaDream vacation. View a Wine Voyage to discover the Land Adventures we may offer shoreside.