The future of travel has changed, at least temporarily. And SeaDream Yacht Club is well positioned to deliver your future travel experiences in comfort, safety and with style. In this post we review what makes SeaDream the perfect choice for your future travel plans. 

Responsibility – SeaDream has several decades of delivering the very highest standards and gaining that essential experience. You simply don’t get voted the ‘Best’ in the world by leading cruise guides without executing the most rigorous attendance to health and cleanliness regimes on board. SeaDream is proud to have the accolades to prove just how seriously we take service and attention to detail, this can only be born and achieved from years of hands-on experience and through having exceptionally high standards. Standards that naturally include the cleanliness and health regimes onboard our two multi award-winning yachts. The video below highlights some of the measures taken to keep our guests and crew safe on our current Norway voyages.



Agility – SeaDream is proud to be an agile company that is constantly held to account by our travel agent partners and guests, not by shareholders. This gives far greater flexibility and speed to adapt and to adopt new requirements, operational processes and itinerary planning. A family owned and privately held company where decision making is quick and effective and we are transparent and honest.

We are able to change itineraries or ports quickly if needed and owing to our size far more ports are accessible to us at far shorter notice. Essentially, we can adapt very quickly, if needed in this changing world, to ensure guest satisfaction at all times.

Versatility – Our beloved family of crew are truly expert and know our yachts  intimately, having worked for us for so many years, meaning they can quickly adapt their service to accommodate new requirements, however quickly they come, or go. Our continuity is a key strength and our crew have remained in place on the yachts, having welcomed guests back in June and with new menus and experiences but the same incredibly personalised service. 

Vitality – As a brand and product, SeaDream has a natural affinity with health, wellbeing and vitality. The yachts offer a naturally healthy outdoor environment where space, fresh air and healthy food have always been a central component. SeaDream promotes a healthy, strong and active experience and appeals to guests with a similar outlook. This makes not just for a happy yacht, but an extremely healthy one too.

The Future – So what does the world look like ahead? The truth is that we do not know exactly. What we do know is that the health and safety of our guests and crew come before anything else. And while we have tried to perfect our Covid protocols this summer, we now feel like it is the right decision to pause the sailings scheduled to take place in the Mediterranean in September as well as the trans-Atlantic voyages.

And if there are major changes to our Caribbean season, we hope to make those decisions by the end of next month. We fully understand that it can be frustrating to be a traveller these days and thank you all for your understanding. Our Ultimate Booking Assurance should hopefully make it easier to book with us by reducing your financial risk. And once the time is right for you to travel, we look forward to seeing you onboard again. For some of you that is later this year, and for others it may take a bit longer. But even with a pause in our operations staring next month, we are here for you when the time is right.