SeaDream takes the safety of our guests and crew very seriously. We have been successfully operating our yachts since June and have put into place highly effective measures to ensure the highest standards of health and hygiene at all times.

Below lists the key areas you can expect on your next SeaDream voyage and demonstrates the levels of training, investment and organisation we have placed into this vital area of operations:

  • You should get a Covid RT-PCR test done 48-72 hrs prior to flying to Barbados. You can expect another test at the Airport on arrival.
  • Embarkation will be staggered with time slots between Noon to 6PM or later if you have a late flight.
  • You will be greeted by our Doctor who will take your sample and run the test using Abbott ID Now machine which will give the negative result within 15 minutes. He will also take your temperature and ask you to complete the Health Screening Form.
  • When You are onboard, you will be asked to look at a Thermal Scanner which will record your temperature for a daily temperature log. This Scanner will also be used while re-embarking the Yacht after any shoreside visits. This takes just a second.
  • From here on in, we will request you to maintain social distancing and simple common sense to keep yourself and others around you safe. While entering the Yacht, you will notice special floor mats which are there to clean and sanitize your shoes.
  • Your stateroom will be pre-sanitized using Altapure AP-4 which is an advanced ultrasonic fogger used for the high-level disinfection in hospitals, burn units and clean rooms.
  • We will use UV lamps in addition to sanitize the staterooms on a daily basis.


Our Ultimate Booking Assurance

SeaDream was proud to become the first luxury line back in operation in June. We are now equally proud to announce our new ‘Ultimate Booking Assurance’. Our new guarantee that will allow our guests to book without being concerned about travel restrictions. We think it is wrong that our guests should take the risk and we are now taking that obstacle away.

If your voyage is not affected, but you would prefer to travel at a later date, we can reschedule your voyage without penalty. Best of all, you do not have to decide until the day of departure! More details here.